I hope all of you are enjoying the changes to my website. I will continue making more changes, but I think the major changes are done except for one. Please let me know what you think. I still have some ideas of what I want to change, but those changes won't happen for awhile. But I will show some sneak peaks as I can. I really hope these thing will be a big hit! :) And I am hoping you will all enjoy it. I'm going to start on it tonight or tomorrow, depends on if I have time. So hopefully I will have a sneak peak up soon!!! :) Take Care!




Hey everyone, First off, I know it's been a long time so let me update you. First off my youtube account was suspended so I am now on my back up channel which you can find on "links". Although I won't be uploading as much... I think I'm going to be doing parody's, movies and stuff like that with my friend, so yeah. I will probably do some more lyric videos and such, but not near as many. Oh and Follow me on twitter? https://twitter.com/#!/SuperSwift13JH I am going to be working on updating my website this week. Whenever I have time. So you will begin to notice some changes. I have quite a bit of info I need to update because, well things have changed. Soon, depending on when I have time, I will make and post on youtube the 1st trailer to a movie my friend and I are working on. We have about half of it filmed, but still haven't come up with a name for it. Any ideas would be welcomed. The story plot is basically two sisters are living together, their mom died, and they fight all the time, and then one of them comes to the Lord, and by and by the other girl comes to the Lord. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed! By the way, we've been thinking about doing music videos, but it's only the two of us so it's going to be kinda hard. Any suggestions of a music video we could make with just two girls???? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!! That's all for now. Have a great day and I love you all!!! :) ~Josie