So I decided not to do just a page for suspended In time Photography. Instead I created a whole website for it!! :) The link to that is right here --> I really hope you will check that out and bookmark it! Oh and here is the link again to my twitter for suspended In Time -->!/SuspendInTime13
So I am working on created another page, and website. This are for my photography, which I am calling Suspended in Time! I have absolutely no idea when the page and the website will be up and running. So for now, you could all go check out my Twitter page for it!!! :D Here's the link to that -!/SuspendInTime13

What I am going to try and do on that is post a photo of the day, and also post some random photos. Here is today's photo of the day -  If you like any of the photos SO MUCH that you JUST have to have it. Just ask me and I will be more than happy to send you a copy of it!! :D

Here are a couple of my photo's (so you can get a little taste of Suspended in Time!!!
I really hope you will all enjoy my photography, and I certainly hope you will spread the word!! Thanks!!!! :D
Happy St Patrick's Day guys!!! I have like a TON of Irish in me, so to celebrate today, I am going to post the new page that I have been working on!!! :) I really hope you guys like it! It will be up in about an hour or so, I have like two more things I need to do! so Stay Tuned!! :)
So I've got those sneak peeks of the new thing that I am working on... Sorry the sneak peeks are so late... I kinda rad out of time. The whole thing that I am working on is almost done... So it will be live either later today or tomorrow!!! :) Okay here's the first picture...
And the next one...
In case you can't tell from the pictures... It's a place where I post stories.. but that isn't all...

Down below is the first story.
Then here is one of the little treats! Pictures!!!
And then the very last sneak peek is just some little thoughts on the story, or maybe it will talk about what this specific story means to me, or the song...
Now that's all the sneak peeks... if there are any unclear things... it will all become clear in a day or so, depending on when I completely finish it!! :D Hope you will like it!! :)