So I haven't done a blog post for a really long time. And I decided its time for me to do one! (: First off I've made two new videos!! Lyrics videos for Ours and Love Story!!! Ours- Love Story- I really hope you like them! (: Then I also posted the results for the contest I was having!

Anyways.... Bum.. Bum.. Bum.. Bum!!!! TODAY IS HALLOWEEN!!! What are you guys doing for halloween tonight?? (: I hope you have a swiftastic one!!! (:
Okay so first off I just want to give you a couple links.. The first one is to a video about a fan page (on facebook) for MyWinterFirefly. (link- If you don't know about MyWinterFirefly, go to my Amazing Friends and scroll down until you get to Emily! ♥ The second link is a video about a fan page for Taylor Swift (on Facebook) Here's the link to that one! Okay, Now for the last link...Is about Michelle Arseneau.. Here's her facebook page- Michelle is trying to fun an album right now Please check it out and help!! here's the link- Now for a final thought..
♥ Don't Hide, Because someone out there is looking for you ...
♥ Don't Frown, because someone is falling in love with your smile.
♥ Don't Scream, because someone is falling in love with your voice.
♥ Don't Cry, because someone is falling in love with your eyes.
Hey, I hope you guys are enjoying my website!!! If you've explored the whole website you've probably seen that I have a youtube channel, but if not here is the link- Please check out my videos and please rate them and comment!!! It would make my day if you Subscribed!!! If you want to make any requests for youtube videos, just go to the contact me link ( and send you request in!!! Right now I am only taking Taylor Swift requests! Also if you want icons or backgrounds send me the request (same spot) and I will send you some!!! Thanks!!! Please also submit what you think of my website there to!! I would love to know!!!, and if you have any ideas of how to improve it I would love to hear them!!! Thanks!!! ♥ Love you!!!
My first blog post!!! YIPPEE!!! I will try to update this as much as possible, but with school, time is kinda short.. :/