So I've got those sneak peeks of the new thing that I am working on... Sorry the sneak peeks are so late... I kinda rad out of time. The whole thing that I am working on is almost done... So it will be live either later today or tomorrow!!! :) Okay here's the first picture...
And the next one...
In case you can't tell from the pictures... It's a place where I post stories.. but that isn't all...

Down below is the first story.
Then here is one of the little treats! Pictures!!!
And then the very last sneak peek is just some little thoughts on the story, or maybe it will talk about what this specific story means to me, or the song...
Now that's all the sneak peeks... if there are any unclear things... it will all become clear in a day or so, depending on when I completely finish it!! :D Hope you will like it!! :)
03/15/2012 7:33pm

Wow.. Can't wait for your wonderful story!! I make stories, too. But I never showed anybody but my bestfriends.. Anyway, I'm really excited for that!! :D

03/16/2012 10:32am

Yay!!!! I'm glad your excited!!!! I'm hoping to have the page with the stories up and running today!!! :D Aw man that is so cool you like to write stories too!!! Just another thing we have in common!!!!! :) We'll like to long lost sisters!!! :D


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