Oh My Gosh!!! So yesterday (Tuesday) Wasn't exactly the best day of my life... My school was going terrible, I had to go to a baseball game... etc... etc... etc... BUT! It didn't stay bad. I had the most wonderful thing happen that night!!! at I think 8:30 (my time (Mountain)) I Skyped with the one the only the AMAZING Rachel Honza!!!! It was so awesome, and I got my own little personal concert!!! :) She sang- 1. I Wish I Knew 2. Give It Some Time 3. Poorest Man Alive 4. Country Song 5. I Want More :) It was so sad that I had to leave only after half an hour, but I loved every minute of it!!! :D
Now if you've never heard of Rachel Honza... Well you are really missing out.. Check these links out-
Okay now that you have checked those links out, you know more about who she is.
Oh and before I end this blog post, I just want to say that Rachel is extremely Beautiful and Talented!!! (A couple pictures I got from her Facebook!!!)
-Best of luck Rachel! ♥

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