So I am working on created another page, and website. This are for my photography, which I am calling Suspended in Time! I have absolutely no idea when the page and the website will be up and running. So for now, you could all go check out my Twitter page for it!!! :D Here's the link to that -!/SuspendInTime13

What I am going to try and do on that is post a photo of the day, and also post some random photos. Here is today's photo of the day -  If you like any of the photos SO MUCH that you JUST have to have it. Just ask me and I will be more than happy to send you a copy of it!! :D

Here are a couple of my photo's (so you can get a little taste of Suspended in Time!!!
I really hope you will all enjoy my photography, and I certainly hope you will spread the word!! Thanks!!!! :D
3/22/2012 01:42:23 am

nice pic i love them


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